Manny Villar – The C-5 Road Project

Prominent businessman and esteemed politician proposed the C-5 Road Project as a
means of alleviating traffic in one of the most congested areas in the Philippines. The
6.10 kilometer road was designed to bolster the quality of life for the average citizen and
to significantly ease their commute to and from work. In addition a flyover road linking
the C-5 Road Extension to the Las Pinas-Paranaque Link Road was to be established in
order to further diminish the traffic problems that plague the area.

Throughout his life, Manny Villar has demonstrated time and time again his commitment
to the general public. From his humble beginnings as a seafood deliveryman to his stint
as Senate President and beyond, Villar has always put the needs of his countrymen ahead
of his own. The C-5 Road Project is just one of a countless number of contributions
Manny Villar’s has made – all of which designed to enhance the lives of those he leads.

Unfortunately, some politicians felt threatened by Villar’s popularity and launched a
smear campaign against him in the hopes of usurping him from office. Slanderous claims
that the C-5 Road Project would benefit Villar’s real-estate holdings were made in an
attempt to discredit Villar. Manny held strong throughout the controversy and on several
occasions proved that he was a victim of malice and responsible for no wrongdoings.
Thankfully the public saw through the shameful tactics exhibited by Manny’s rivals and
ultimately took his side.

Manny Villar believes that one must face adversity head-on and is never deterred by
those who stand against him. In 2010, Manny ran for President only to lose by a very
insignificant margin, proving once again that the Filipino people loved Manny for the
services he provided for them throughout the years. They remember that many of the
country’s poor would not have shelter if it wasn’t for Manny. Honorable, intelligent and
loyal, Manny Villar via the C-5 road is considered by many to be a local hero and one who always fights
for what he believes in.

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