Manny Villar – The C-5 Road Project

Prominent businessman and esteemed politician proposed the C-5 Road Project as a
means of alleviating traffic in one of the most congested areas in the Philippines. The
6.10 kilometer road was designed to bolster the quality of life for the average citizen and
to significantly ease their commute to and from work. In addition a flyover road linking
the C-5 Road Extension to the Las Pinas-Paranaque Link Road was to be established in
order to further diminish the traffic problems that plague the area.

Throughout his life, Manny Villar has demonstrated time and time again his commitment
to the general public. From his humble beginnings as a seafood deliveryman to his stint
as Senate President and beyond, Villar has always put the needs of his countrymen ahead
of his own. The C-5 Road Project is just one of a countless number of contributions
Manny Villar’s has made – all of which designed to enhance the lives of those he leads.

Unfortunately, some politicians felt threatened by Villar’s popularity and launched a
smear campaign against him in the hopes of usurping him from office. Slanderous claims
that the C-5 Road Project would benefit Villar’s real-estate holdings were made in an
attempt to discredit Villar. Manny held strong throughout the controversy and on several
occasions proved that he was a victim of malice and responsible for no wrongdoings.
Thankfully the public saw through the shameful tactics exhibited by Manny’s rivals and
ultimately took his side.

Manny Villar believes that one must face adversity head-on and is never deterred by
those who stand against him. In 2010, Manny ran for President only to lose by a very
insignificant margin, proving once again that the Filipino people loved Manny for the
services he provided for them throughout the years. They remember that many of the
country’s poor would not have shelter if it wasn’t for Manny. Honorable, intelligent and
loyal, Manny Villar via the C-5 road is considered by many to be a local hero and one who always fights
for what he believes in.

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Next Opp – Top Recruitment Methods that work

Next-Opp – Recruitment Methods

Searching for a new job can be an intimidating and often times overwhelming experience. Even if you are more than fully qualified for a position, interviewers must be convinced that you above all others will help the company maximize their revenue. Next-Opp, through their team of proven industry leaders in the career counseling, recruitment and executive career transition fields are able to both help their clients get job interviews and teach them how to effectively convey their message to prospective hirers.

It is no accident that Next-Opp’s many clients are receiving lucrative job offers on a weekly basis. Next-Opp’s consultants are specialized experts who possess a rich and introspective knowledge of their assigned recruitment area. In addition, each client who signs up for their services will be matched with a representative best suited to handle their search. Believing that each individual possesses a unique set of circumstances and job requirements it is this level of personalization that propels Next-Opp above other recruitment firms. And clients can rest assured that Next-Opp will always respect their confidentiality.

Whereas other companies pilfer upwards of 30% from their clients’ first-year salaries, Next-Opp employs a significantly more cost-effective hourly program. This results in better job prospects and a diminished financial burden for their clients. Believing that every hour spent working with Next-Opp is an hour invested in their futures, prior and current clients are praising Next-Opp for kick-starting their now burgeoning careers.

In addition, Next-Opp provides their clients with a great deal of flexibility. Their vast network includes a plethora of Fortune 500 companies as well as mid-sized and smaller, younger firms. In addition to recruiting for highly desirable permanent positions, the professionals at Next-Opp are also capable of finding their clients temporary or interim jobs designed to keep them working towards their goals.

It is not through one, but a combination of factors, that Next-Opp is currently the premier and most recognizable recruitment firm in the industry. Through their vast network, highly personalized service and adherence to high standards, executives who have been the victims of unfortunate layoffs or even those merely seeking better employment avenues needn’t look any further than Next-Opp for all of their highly specialized needs.

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John Lawrence Jaeger

When it comes to people that you should know in the ASC industry it is of the utmost importance to work with the most credibly individuals and people that are making a difference in the medical industry.

John W. Lawrence Jaeger Junior is currently the S.V.P (senior vice president for those of you who are not in the know). He is active as the GC (general counsel), for Northern Virginia medical centers. He has held this position since 1996 and has been held as the sole reason why all legal issues have been resolved in a calm and effective matter than has not disrupted the overall work flow of his colleagues.

As of the second quarter of 2012 the Northern Virginia and New York state hospital system has showed markedly improved bottom line numbers thanks to a strong work ethic, larger demand with more elderly individuals coming online, and new management who has a strict goal of ensuring success at the hospital.

Sources & References:

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Doctor Lawrence D. Jaeger D.O.

When it comes to skin care and cleansing everything you need can be learned from New Yorks leading dermatologist Dr. Lawrence D. Jaeger D.O. who is a pioneer in the skin care industry. He is the head of Advanced Dermatology Associates aka (ADA) which houses more than 3 offices in the boroughs of New York City.

Currently he is offering and about to launch a new ground breaking product called Natural Therapy by Mother Nature MD. With a massive amount of research and studies done to ensure that the product fits the needs of those who need clean and clear skin the most. With so many great products out there Larry Jaeger knew that he had to go above and beyond his competitors and make some of the greatest skin care products known to man.

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Pastor Randy Ray

Pastor Randy Ray is one of the most reknowned Pastors in the state of Florida. Working for the North Florida Baptist Church, Pastor Randy Ray is noted for his many charities that he does work for as well as some of the wonderful community services that he provides for the residents of Leon County, Florida.

Some of these committees are as follows: The Tallahassee Chamber of Commerce, Global Evangelical Relations Committee, Souther Baptist Convention. Some of the charities that he volunteers for are as follows: Haven of Rest Rescue Mission Tallahassee, Frenchtown Chapel Tallahassee, Women’s Pregnancy Center Tallahassee, Florida Baptist Children’s Home, Word of Life, SCORE International.

Pastor Randy Ray

Active work is what we are here to do. Therefore he is very active today at the North Florida Christian school which has a list of notable alumni that includes the following:

Ernie Sims who was a professional Football player, Shannon Bream, Maria Boren, Casey Weldon, and Constantin Ritzman.

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Dr. Steven James Svabek

Dr. Steven James Svabek has been actively contributing to the orthopedics field for the
better part of twenty years. Whether through his work as a surgeon or academic, Steven
strives to discover new innovations within the field while honing his own techniques,
with the aim of reducing his patients suffering. Presently a staff employed orthopedic
surgeon at the Florida Orthopedic and Spine Center, Steven Svabek focuses on the diagnosis and
treatment of spinal diseases through surgical correction.

Paramount to Steven’s success is his 16 years of education and training. Working
diligently every step of the way, Steven was enrolled in medical school at the Kirksville
College of Osteopathic Medicine in 1987. After graduating and completing a one-year
internship Steven pursued general surgery and an orthopedic residency at Peninsula
Hospital Center. From there, he completed a spine fellowship at the University of
Colorado, where he also served as an Associate Professor of Orthopedic Surgery.

Throughout his early professional career, Dr. Svabek honed his craft. After
approximately seven years, he opened the doors to his own private practice. Having
sustained for four years, it was there that Dr. Svabek was able to provide his patients with
the highest quality of care. It should also be noted that Steven is a member of several
professional medical organizations including the American Osteopathic Academy of
Orthopedic Surgeons. He pioneered and was named Director of the Spine Surgical
Program at Johnson Memorial, located in Franklin, IN. He also remains very active in
academia, publishing many of his innovative and insightful research papers related to the
field of orthopedics.

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Dr. Steven Svabek – Florida Orthopedic Surgeon

Dr. Steven J. Svabek, currently employed as an orthopedic surgeon at the Florida
Orthopedic and Spine Center in the Coral Springs, FL area, possesses a wealth of
experience, spanning over 20 years. Through his medical training, research in the
orthopedics field and successful private practice, Dr. Steven has displayed his expertise in
a variety of settings and continues to be a pioneer within the field of orthopedics.

Dr. Steven Svabek began his formal training at the University of Kansas. He went to medical
school at the Kirksville College of Osteopathic Medicine. The founding college of
osteopathic medicine, Kirksville readied Dr. Svabek for a successful career. Deciding to
specialize in orthopedics, Dr. Svabek performed his residency at the Peninsula Hospital
Center, and followed this with a spine fellowship at the University of Colorado. During
his stay in Colorado, Dr. Svabek was an Associate Professor of Orthopedic Surgery,
sharing his extensive knowledge with eager students.

He began his professional career at St. Luke’s Orthopedic Trauma Center where he
served as a Staff Physician. Dr. Svabek has since been appointed a Medical Director of
the Spine Program at the prestigious Johnson Memorial Hospital, a non-profit institution
located in Franklin, Indiana. Before his employment at the Florida Orthopedic and Spine
Center, Dr. Svabek established his own private practice in Indianapolis, where he served
the community for the past four years.

Dr. Svabek’s involvement in the medical field extends far beyond the office. He belongs
to several professional memberships including, the American Osteopathic Academy and
the North American Spine Society Administration. Beyond that, he has had many of his
insightful research papers published.

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